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We help founders and business soloists get their life back with practical support to untangle their business management knots.

Asking for business support is not a sign of weakness.

It’s a sign you’re ready for growth, balance and to get your life back.

Wearing ‘busy’ like a badge of honour and not sure how to change?

Starting to forget what your family and friends look like?

Feels easier to do it all yourself than to let someone else in?

The right OBM will help to:


find your business confidence;


simplify systems, scheduling and workflows;


drive growth to boost productivity and profit;


stay accountable;


have a life!

Do you want to find out if your business needs an OBM or a VA?

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How I can help your business

Online Business Management

One-on-one support from accountability to productivity through to structure and strategic planning. If you need it to make your business work, we can help.

Get organised and delegate!

Productivity Planning

Get expert advice and productive planning to start working in a more streamlined and efficient way. A Business Productivity Plan tailored just for you.

Get Productive and take control!

Accountability Partner

Get the accountability and motivation you need to stay on track, tailored especially for you.



Get excited about your business

Business Systems & Projects

Get expert systems and project management advice to start working in a more streamlined and efficient way with online business support.

Systems support from scheduling to signoff

Who we work with


Are you ready for an OBM?


Working early mornings or late nights (or both)?


Bogged down in everyday business management and superglued to your laptop?


Bursting with ideas and no time to get them done?


Ready to work less, earn more and stop your business feeling like a burden?

Time to get your life back with a remote OBM who can plug in to your business needs.

Meet Steph, your Online Business Mum

Ex-Executive Assistant

Work wife

Solver of problems

Curator of lightbulb moments



Wind Beneath Your Wings


Earring obsessed


Accountability partner

Juggler of things

Systems sorter


Podcast geek

Inbox magician

Lifelong learner

Recently appeared on


"wind beneath my wings"

Highly recommended. Steph treats our business as her own and brings a sense of urgency to everything from admin systems to project coordination. Her online business manager skills have brought accountability into our scheduling and workflows, and created space for me to work on the business. Fast learner, gets things done, and we have a great laugh doing it 🙂

Steph - you are the wind beneath my wings!

Amanda Vanelderen

"Hiring Steph has had an enormous impact"

In just a few months, I’ve gone from lurching between tasks to following a clear plan. Steph has helped me to carve out time to work on my business. She’s helped me focus on social media, content marketing and pushed me to finally launch a newsletter. Having someone else to discuss ideas with has helped me find new opportunities to grow my profile and that of my business.

With Steph’s support, I’m finally being realistic about what I can achieve each month, ensuring I can provide an efficient and reliable service to every client, while also making time for myself.

Angela Pickett

"She is my ‘north star' "

Steph quickly created order in the chaos, both on paper and in my head.  This allowed me to do what I do best – create content and work with clients in my business.

She is my ‘north star’, keeping things moving in the right direction.  She is professional, organised, a very fast worker and knowledgeable. My favourite part is that she can follow instructions, but also has enough skill to come up with her own suggestions on how to streamline things. She is an invaluable asset to my business and worth every cent!

Riki Deale

"always above and beyond"

Stephanie’s, work ethic is always above and beyond. She is reliable and professional. Her attention to detail is fantastic and her communication is always prompt. I am grateful to have connected with her and see her as a trustworthy VA that I can rely on.

Stacey Hurley, Active Management

"beyond my expectations"

Since coming on board as my VA Steph and her business Virtual Associate Services has help me to develop the administration and marketing processes I need to move my private counselling and consulting practice Bridging the Barriers forward. Steph’s integrity is beyond my expectations. Steph is task driven and outcome focused with an eye for detail. She is well networked and has met all the challenges I have thrown her way. I can’t recommend Steph and her Virtual Associate Service highly enough. Steph would a great asset for any business needing a VA.

Ian Waugh, Bridging the Barriers

"highly recommend"

Steph and her business, Virtual Associate Services, have been a fantastic addition to my Online Business Lift-Off team. We help people start online businesses and Steph plays a critical role in speaking with potential participants, helping with the social media side of things and taking responsibility for providing our collaboration partners with information about upcoming programs. Steph is an action taker and gets things done quickly. If she’s not sure about something, she always checks in first to make sure she’s on the right track. Love her work and highly recommend her and Virtual Associate Services to anyone who wants someone intelligent and proactive on their team.

Trudy Rankin, Online Business Lift-Off Program

"very professional and proactive"

Steph is very professional and proactive in her approach. For the short time we hired her services, she become part of the team very quickly. Steph is easy to work with, is driven to succeed with any task given and is always willing to offer additional support and advice where she feels business improvements can be made which was very helpful and welcomed. Thanks Steph, we wish you all the best! Hope to work with you again sometime in the future 🙂

Danielle Reed, Medlife

"highly self-motivated dynamo"

Steph is professional and a highly self-motivated dynamo. When working with Steph her attention to detail, flexibility to pivot between different tasks, organisation skills and can-do attitude is second to none. Steph helps me problem solve and finds solutions to any road blocks that come up in business. She listens and asks the right questions and just 'gets it' ! I am grateful to have met Steph she has helped my business go from swamped and near exhaustion to thriving and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Maryanne Coffey

Why choose Virtual Associate Services

Led by Steph, with 15+ years of executive experience, VAS is all about YOU.


Find more hours for business development while we keep up with the tech and admin


Build or grow your business with a fresh set of eyes to bring value to the table


Protect your business by working with a fully insured OBM


Test out our services with a 4-week risk-free trial


Add virtual assistant services under the VAS umbrella as you grow


Frank and fearless advice, support and feedback


We take on what we can handle – and scale as we need to


All clients are guaranteed a 4-hour maximum response time

Not sure where to start? Book your risk-free OBM trial.

Step 1: Book a free discovery chat and talk business turkey with Steph

Step 2: Choose your package for a 4-week risk-free trial

Step 3: Experience the awesomeness of premium business support with no lock-in contracts or obligation

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