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Led by Stephanie Gobraeil, VAS provides expert administrative and online business management support to female-led coaches, creatives and consultants. Ready to get your life back?

How we create calm from business chaos

We’ve been there. Working IN your business takes up all your time – you can’t bear to think about finding time to be working ON it. You’re too busy anyway, right?

Let’s plan your business future.

“In just a few months I’ve gone from lurching between tasks to following a clear path.”

Meet Steph, your Online Business Mum

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Ex-Executive Assistant

Work wife

Solver of problems

Curator of lightbulb moments



Wind Beneath Your Wings


Earring obsessed


Accountability partner

Juggler of things

Systems sorter


Podcast geek

Inbox magician

Lifelong learner


How I became an Online Business Manager

 Like a lot of female-led businesses, I started VAS because I loved my work, but not the hours away from home.

Over 15+ years in the corporate world, I’d worked alongside leaders in a range of industries – accounting, education, finance and retail. And I was a *darn* good Executive Assistant. I loved helping Directors and business owners to succeed – and I loved the rush of being the secret agent getting things done behind the scenes.

When I started a family, I knew it was time. I started Virtual Associate Services to help business owners who make a difference to others.

And I absolutely love it!


VAS Founder and OBM

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What our clients say

“Steph has helped my business go from swamped and near exhaustion to thriving.”
“Love her work and highly recommend her and Virtual Associate Services to anyone who wants someone intelligent and proactive on their team...”
“I can’t recommend Steph and Virtual Associate Services highly enough. Steph would be a great asset for any business…”

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Serious business backup

VAS works with a range of providers so you can have all your business experts in one neat spot.


Social media management

 Graphic design


Web design and development

Writing, editing and proofreading


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How much does an online business manager cost?
What are the going rates in Australia?

The short answer? It depends on the skills, experience and location of the OBM you choose. Our rates reflect our expertise across executive business support, administration, planning, and the tools used by modern businesses. To get an idea of costs for an experienced Australian-based OBM, take a look at our packages.

Hire a switched-on Online Business Manager and get your life back.

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