Case Study

Ian Waugh, Bridging the Barriers

Have you ever met someone with such a brilliant mind to function at high levels and help people overcome their biggest obstacles, but fumble when it comes to simple tasks?

I have!

One thing I’ve learnt is that everyone has different definitions of simple tasks. As an Online Business Manager, this is something I experience all the time when I start working with new clients. What I’ve perceived as a relatively easy task, can cause the biggest roadblocks for some people.

When I met my client, he had an idea of where he wanted to get his business and how he wanted his clients to perceive it. He was a long way from it and needed help. He wanted to present a more professional front, to update his website marketing and target his ideal audience.

It was at this point where I started making suggestions that I could see his head spinning and he was almost digging his feet in. For him, this wasn’t easy.

As his OBM, I looked at things through his eyes and took a different tactic, one that his super-intelligent brain would love. We started by breaking down the ‘end game’ into smaller chunks.

  • Redesigning his website and creating it on a Divi WordPress theme for easier use going forward
  • Updating his entire website to create a professional and clean looking website
  • Rewriting all of his website copy, to include SEO elements and sound more like himself

As my amazing colleagues worked on pulling this together, I continued to work on the day to day running tasks in his business, streamlining processes and keeping everything running smoothly.

Over the past year, my client has been able to progress and grow his business. I worked alongside him, keeping him accountable (and his mind focussed when needed), and showed him how to break down all the moving parts of a business to work on them bit by bit.

To this day, he continually thanks me because he can see the progress he’s made in his business which is still growing!

Since coming on board as my VA, Steph and her business Virtual Associate Services has helped me to develop the administration and marketing processes I need to move my private counselling and consulting practice Bridging the Barriers forward. Steph’s integrity is beyond my expectations. Steph is task-driven and outcome-focused with an eye for detail. She is well networked and has met all the challenges I have thrown her way. I can’t recommend Steph and her Virtual Associate Service highly enough. Steph would be a great asset for any business needing a VA.
Ian Waugh


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