What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Associate or Virtual Assistant (VA) is a business professional who provides remote administrative, creative, social or technical services to support business owners in managing and growing their business. A VA is your secret weapon — a trusted assistant who helps you get ahead in your business.

Why outsource to a VA?

If you’re running a business and trying to do everything yourself, you’re probably working too hard in areas you don’t need to, instead of focusing your efforts on doing what you do best. Wouldn’t you like to get back some of the lost time spent on admin and spend quality time with loved ones or enjoy doing something you’d really love to do instead?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can help you regain some precious time while driving your business growth.

  • VAs can drive business growth – Running a business doesn’t require you to do everything yourself (you could but it’s not the best use of your time). Having a Virtual Assistant run the show in the background is essential for business growth.
  • Reduce costs – There are no overhead costs such as benefits (superannuation/annual leave), office expenses (Internet, office furniture) or technology (laptop/phone). You can hire a VA for a certain number of hours to fit your budget, then adjust the hours up or down depending on your company’s needs each month (you are not locked into ongoing costs).
  • Flexible availability – We happily handle last-minute requests or requests outside business hours.
  • Pay according to the requirements – VAs only bill you for the time they take to complete the work (you are not paying for someone to sit at a desk waiting for work).

Other questions you may have ….

What are your hours of operation?

Monday to Friday — 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Is there a minimum amount of hours for job requests?

No job is too small or too big.

What is your hourly/weekly rate?

Every job is different. Estimates will be provided based on type of work to be delivered, and amount of time it will take to complete the task or project. You get charged only for time on tasks.

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