Online Business Management Services

You deserve professional and dedicated support

My passion — helping business owners who help other people 

As your Online Business Manager, I do so much more than everyday admin (which I can help you with too). I support you, keeping you organised, on track and taking your business in the right direction. 

You deserve to grow. You deserve to have someone on your side, and you deserve to receive the same support you give others. 

The days of having in-house teams are fading, with money-savvy business owners discovering the power of virtual teams. You can tap into a wide range of skills and save costs on employment and office space.

As an online business manager, I can help you manage these teams while being your right-hand woman to help you tackle the essential parts of your business, you’d like to keep close.

How can I help you?

Online Business Management

If you’re looking for another ‘you’ in your business, you need an Online Business Manager, keeping you on track, accountable and helping your business to run professionally, smoothly and grow.

Training & Project Management

Helping you organise training events (virtual and in-person) from ticketing through to after event follow-ups, and setting up systems to make sure your project is hitting targets rather than falling into an ‘I’ll do that later’ basket.

Podcast Management

With podcasting being one of the hottest content generators, you stick to the fun side of interviewing guests or sharing your knowledge, and I will banish the overwhelm by tackling all the moving parts from start to end.

Client Relationship Management

No one would run a successful business if they didn’t keep their clients happy, that's why you must have an OBM who's on top of this, answering emails professionally, being your voice and champion of your business.


Once I get to know you and your business needs, I will tailor a customised package to suit you. It will take into account the level of support you need, the stage of business you're at, and the services you need right now. Packages can be scaled up or down to suit the ebbs and flows of your business.

Curious if we’d be a good fit for each other?

If you’d like more information about my online business management services, please book your free 30-minute consultation today.