Online Business Manager Services

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The curse of many small business owners is the ‘it’s ok, I’ll get to it’ mindset.

Tasks get added to a to-do list which grows more every day. Or projects are started with enthusiasm and after a while, get left in the to hard basket.

It’s hard finding that elusive thing called ‘time’ when you’re running a business and doing it all.

But don’t stress, most business owners have been through this. Until they learn to outsource.

I am the secret weapon that helps your business get ahead.

Getting to know you and your business, I become a seamless extension of you. I take over all those tasks that don’t use your time wisely. You’ll share with me your goals, objectives and vision, and I’ll work alongside you, making sure that as a team, we’re achieving these.

I may work remotely, but you can rest assured that I am 100% dedicated to my clients. I’m running a business too, so I know how precious it is and how you need someone who’ll love it as you do. I do, however, have a family so I stick to my office hours of 8.00AM to 3.30PM.

As a highly skilled Online Business Manager, I know how to plan, and you’ll find yourself fully briefed and prepared for meetings or trips. I have great instincts and can find solutions, knowing how to get the job done and looking for ways to improve processes.

And after we’ve worked together for a little while, you’ll trust me to make decisions on your behalf as we’ve mastered our communication and I’ll know how you think and what you’d do.

As your Online Business Manager, I’ll help:     

  • Keep you accountable and on schedule
  • Follow up the team for work that’s due
  • Set goals
  • Manage your diary & schedule appointments to keep you on track
  • Remind you of upcoming meetings or trips that you must attend
  • Answer your emails and only send you the must-read ones
  • Prepare your meetings documentation, agenda and minutes
  • Field enquiries so you’re not disturbed unnecessarily
  • Look for ways to promote and grow your business

Once I get to know you and your business needs, I will tailor a customised package to suit you.

To go beyond Online Business Management support, I also help you with

Training & Project Management

Helping you organise training events (virtual and in-person) from ticketing through to after event follow-ups, and setting up systems to make sure your project is hitting targets rather than falling into an ‘I’ll do that later’ basket.

Podcast Management

With podcasting being one of the hottest content generators, you stick to the fun side of interviewing guests or sharing your knowledge, and I will banish the overwhelm by tackling all the moving parts from start to end.

Client Relationship Management

No one would run a successful business if they didn’t keep their clients happy, that's why you must have an OBM who's on top of this, answering  emails professionally,  being your voice and champion of your business.

Why trust me to be your Online Business Manager?

The million-dollar question isn’t it? I know it can be daunting to show the rawness of your business to a complete stranger. It’s not the easiest thing to do; I get that.

Before we start working together, we’ll have a 30-minute call (via Zoom if you’d like to see me!) so you can ask me all the questions you’d like. I’m an honest, open communicator who knows her worth as an Online Business Manager and I’m more than happy to show you this.

When you work with me, although I may be remote and working from my own office, you’ll get my 15+ years of high-end corporate EA experience. This means in running my own business I need to keep up my high standards as my business reputation depends on it!

But I know trust can take some time to build. So we can start small and build up as you come to know me, and I come to know you.

Sound like a plan?

Want to know more about working with an Online Business Manager?

Book your 30-minute call and I’ll answer all your burning questions.