Podcast Management Support Services

You record your podcast and the rest magically gets done!

Podcasts are brilliant for content marketing (and people love them)

Creating podcasts are one of the BEST ways to produce evergreen content. You create the content once, and it can be listened to 24/7 from anyone around the world. Gold hey!

The magic happens when you know your audience, and you produce content they want to listen to. It could be you sharing your infinity of wisdom or interviewing an expert that solves your audience’s problems.

Podcasts are the best way for multi-taskers to consume digital content. People love this!

All they need to do is play your podcast while they’re doing a workout, chores, or even driving…

Podcasts are content gold.

But if you’ve ever produced a podcast, you’d know it takes time and effort.

There are so many moving parts that the art of podcasting can take up so much of your headspace. Unless it’s become your absolute business passion and you don’t want to do anything else but podcast admin and process, this is where you need a podcast manager.
I’m here to fix podcast overwhelm and help you produce consistent digital content.

As your Podcast Manager, I’ll help you by:

  • Create processes so you can see all the moving parts and know when each item is ticked off the list (keeps the production flowing)
  • Coordinate podcast interviews by booking and confirming guests and sending thank you notes/gifts (if needed)
  • Have your audio edited and assemble it into a podcast episode
  • Get the podcast transcribed with the show notes completed for your review
  • Upload the audio file to the podcast platform, connect your Spotify and iTunes and any other audio accounts you may use
  • Upload the podcast to your website and share it on your socials
  • Create further content for other marketing areas in your business including your newsletter
  • Securely store all your podcast bits and pieces online – Dropbox/G-Drive/SharePoint

Ready to make your podcasting efforts better than ever (or started)?

I can also help you with

Online Business Management

If you’re looking for another ‘you’ in your business, you need an Online Business Manager, keeping you on track, accountable and helping your business to run professionally, smoothly and grow.

Training & Project Management

Helping you organise training events (virtual and in-person) from ticketing through to after event follow-ups, and setting up systems to make sure your project is hitting targets rather than falling into an ‘I’ll do that later’ basket.

Client Relationship Management

No one would run a successful business if they didn’t keep their clients happy, that's why you must have an OBM who's on top of this, answering  emails professionally,  being your voice and champion of your business.

Why trust me as your podcast manager?

The fantastic clients I work with usually have one thing in common – you help others.
And I know that podcasting is pure gold for your businesses.  Why?
Because you have an audience with specific needs. Your clients already come to you for your skills, for your compassion, for your wisdom. So, you’re already on the front foot in that you know what your audience needs from you.
If you produce a podcast that 100% speaks to your audience, it’s going to be wildly successful.
I have seen this happen.
But I want you to keep focused on your clients rather than pulling your attention away in yet another ‘must-do’ business direction. I want you to keep helping your clients through consultations, workshops, and the like.
But I also want to encourage you to embrace podcasting as the best digital marketing for your business.
So, I’ll tackle all the techy side while you share your wisdom or interview guests.
Sound like a plan?

Ready to create a stand-out podcast without all the hard work?

Book a call today and let’s chat about your podcast production.