Training & Project Management Services

Keeping you on track and helping you get it done

If you’ve planned a training event before, you’d know it’s a lot of work!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a half-day event, or an event run over multiple days, it still takes some planning. That’s because you want your training to be the best! You want people walking away thinking,

Wow, that was the best training session I’ve been too!

As an Online Business Manager, I thrive on organisation, so event planning is one of my favourite things to do. I create checklists to make sure everything is covered, then work my way through, making sure your event is well-received and attended.

My passion for planning and organisation also makes me a goal kicker when it comes to project management. Over the years, I’ve seen business owners start fantastic projects, only to stop halfway through as they either ran out of time or didn’t know how to move forward.

As an Online Business Manager, I won’t let this happen. When I manage projects, I set deadlines and goals and do what it takes to meet these. If there’s something neither of us knows how to do it, I will draw on my vast network and resourcefulness to find a solution that works.

Organisation is my thing. Running a business and a family requires organisation. Never underestimate the organising and planning power of an Online Business Manager x Mother!

I’ll help you manage your training event by:

  • Developing a checklist and plan with all logistics
  • Researching, negotiating and booking venues and caterers
  • Coordinating suppliers and vendors
  • Designing invitations, inviting guests and tracking RSVPs
  • Working with venues to check they have the tech you’ll need
  • Answering delegate questions as they arise
  • Following up after the event

I’ll keep your project on track by:

  • Studying any present plans and deadlines to see where you’re at
  • Creating a plan from the get-go to make sure everything is covered
  • Using project management software such as Asana and Trello
  • Making sure you’re keeping to your planned budget
  • Giving you progress reports but not bothering you with the nitty-gritty
  • Creating timeline Gantt charts as a visual guide on progress
  • Finding solutions should we hit any speedbumps along the way

Once I get to know you and your business needs, I will tailor a customised package to suit you.

As your Project Manager I can also help you tackle those vital (but time zapping) admin tasks

More than just the everyday admin things like database maintenance, excel spreadsheet work, mail merges, PDF conversions, PowerPoint presentations and Word processing, I can also help you with the tech admin tasks:

•  Setting up LastPass so you’ll never again forget a password
• Setting up Google Drive or Dropbox to make file sharing easy
• Scheduling your social media content using Content Studio, Hootsuite or Buffer
• Creating Bitly links to make link sharing look neater
• Updating your website and making amendments
• Using Slack, Trello and Asana to manage projects and teams
• Create JotForm surveys
• Using Canva to create graphics when you need them.

I can also help you with

Online Business Management

If you’re looking for another ‘you’ in your business, you need an Online Business Manager, keeping you on track, accountable and helping your business to run professionally, smoothly and grow.

Podcast Management

With podcasting being one of the hottest content generators, you stick to the fun side of interviewing guests or sharing your knowledge, and I will banish the overwhelm by tackling all the moving parts from start to end.

Client Relationship Management

No one would run a successful business if they didn’t keep their clients happy, that's why you must have an OBM who's on top of this, answering  emails professionally,  being your voice and champion of your business.

Need a hand planning a training event or keeping your project on track?

Book your 30-minute call, and we’ll see what I can do to help you.